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Little Boys! Smiles…fun…and sometimes a little dirt! :) Sara Smile Photography South Dayton Ohio

I grew up with a sister.  We didn’t have a boy in the family…besides my dad who was so outnumbered by girls that he didn’t count as a boy, ha!  When I found out I pregnant with my son, I had NO idea what to do.  I didn’t know anything about little boys.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  What have I learned about boys?  They are SO much fun!  They get dirty and don’t care.  They fall and get right back up again.  Boys melt their mama’s hearts…with just a little glance.  I love to talk about stinky feet and make boys giggle.  Here are some examples of photos of little boys…enjoy!














One year old boy session…cake smash! Sara Smile Photography Springboro Ohio Photographer

Your baby is turning *ONE*!  That first year flies by…in a blur of smiles, sleeplessness, diapers, tears and so much fun!  When you plan your first birthday session, consider adding a cake smash to your session!


What is a cake smash?  You bring the cake, I take photos of your baby enjoying the cake for the first time!  It’s best to bring a white cake with white icing.  (Imagine what red icing looks like smeared all over your child’s face, ha!)   I will prepare a set ahead of time with the colors that will look best for your child…and then we will let your child have fun with the cake.  Don’t worry…not all kids like the cake/icing.  We will do our best (think about bringing some of your child’s favorite foods, ie cheerios or puffs, and we can always hide them in the cake) to get lots of smiles!


Here are some examples of photos from a one year old session.  We start with more traditional photos…and end with the cake smash!

DSC_6645 DSC_6670-4 DSC_6672-2 DSC_6685




What is your passion? Preserve your passion with a photograph! Sara Smile Photography Springboro Ohio



Do you have a passion?  Why not use your session to capture your passion?  I love it when my clients want to choose a “theme” or passion of theirs to integrate into their session.  Tell me about what you love to do and then I can choose a location and help you bring your passion to life in your photos.  Do you love horses?  Let’s take photos of you and your horse!


Does your son love to play with matchbox cars?  Bring them to your session so we can use them!




Do you play a musical instrument?  Bring it to your session and I will find a way to incorporate it into your photos!





Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal?  There is no better time to capture that “love” than during your photo session!





Does your child love her sunglasses?  Bring them to your session and she’s sure to have fun!



Garage light…what?!? Sara Smile Photography Springboro Ohio


I have a studio indoors that has studio lights and several backgrounds to use.  But…in the summer and when it’s warm, I will sometimes take my backgrounds out to the garage.  Say what?  The garage???!!!!  Yes…that’s right!  The garage!  When I place the background at just the right spot in the garage, the light coming through the garage door is beautiful!  I loved this sibling session…that was taken in the summer in the garage!  Don’t be afraid if I come to you with a crazy idea like taking photos in the garage…trust me!  I will make sure your photographs turn out amazing!

DSC_7305 DSC_7315 DSC_7325-2 DSC_7339
DSC_7367 DSC_7381-2

I dare you not to smile! Sara Smile Photography Centerville Ohio Photographer



I LOVE this photo…and I mean L-O-V-E it.  I knew the instant that I pushed the shutter that this photo might be my favorite from the session.

When photographing children, it’s important to make them feel comfortable.  I can not confirm or deny if this sweetie’s mother and I *might* have been singing, dancing…or some other crazy thing to get her to smile like this!   It’s not uncommon for me to finish a session and feel like I’ve gotten a full workout…and most parents might feel like that too!  It’s all worth it though…to get a photo like this!  🙂

Black and White Photography Sara Smile Photography South Dayton Ohio



I love black and white photos.  I love the depth.  I love that they are timeless.  I love that they draw you in without much distraction.  I love the emotion that black and white photographs convey.  I generally include several black and white photographs in every gallery.  It’s very easy to create great wall collages with black and white photographs.  Be sure to PRINT your photographs and display them in your house!  Don’t leave them on a cd or on your hard drive!  Print Print Print!

Here are some of examples of black and white photographs from sessions I have taken.