One year old boy session…cake smash! Sara Smile Photography Springboro Ohio Photographer

Your baby is turning *ONE*!  That first year flies by…in a blur of smiles, sleeplessness, diapers, tears and so much fun!  When you plan your first birthday session, consider adding a cake smash to your session!


What is a cake smash?  You bring the cake, I take photos of your baby enjoying the cake for the first time!  It’s best to bring a white cake with white icing.  (Imagine what red icing looks like smeared all over your child’s face, ha!)   I will prepare a set ahead of time with the colors that will look best for your child…and then we will let your child have fun with the cake.  Don’t worry…not all kids like the cake/icing.  We will do our best (think about bringing some of your child’s favorite foods, ie cheerios or puffs, and we can always hide them in the cake) to get lots of smiles!


Here are some examples of photos from a one year old session.  We start with more traditional photos…and end with the cake smash!

DSC_6645 DSC_6670-4 DSC_6672-2 DSC_6685




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