What to Expect for Your Newborn Session

Congratulations on your new addition!  This is such an exciting time for you!  Your baby will grow and change really quickly…so it’s important to get photographs of your newborn as soon as we can!

Here are some tips to make your newborn session a success:

1.     The best time to photograph your baby is within 14 days of birth.  We can still get fantastic photos of your baby after 14 days, but the first 14 days will allow us to pose your baby while he/she is still sleeping a lot.  If your son has been circumcised, we will need to allow for time to heal because he might be without his diaper for part of your session.
2.    Be sure to check out my newborn gallery here to get a feel for my style of newborn photography.  I have several baskets and props that I can use during your session, and also a specialized posing beanbag to ensure that your newborn is safe during our session.  Safety is the most important factor in our session.  We will always keep your baby’s safety as our #1 priority.
3.    Try to keep your baby awake for 1-2 hours prior to your session.  I know it can be tough to do, but we want to try and have your baby ready to sleep when you arrive at your session.
4.    Plan to feed your baby just prior to your session.  You can feed your baby when you arrive at my studio or you can feed your baby at home just prior to coming to your session.  If you are formula feeding your baby, bring extra bottles and formula as our session might last 4 hours.
5.    Eat a meal/snack just prior to your session.  Bring along your favorite snack in case you need a bite to eat during your session.  I will have plenty of water to drink, as the studio is kept warm in order to keep your baby comfortable.
6.    I love to take family photographs of you and your baby!  I promise to pose you in the most flattering angles and focus on capturing the connection between you and your baby.  It’s best to wear either black or white in order to have a neutral solid background so the photos showcase your baby.
7.    It’s going to be warm in my studio…so dress appropriately!  Bring a change of clothing if you are going to take photos with your baby (short sleeves) because we can take your photos with your baby first and then you can change into something more comfortable.
8.    Loosen your baby’s diaper about 2 hours prior to your session.  And bring plenty of diapers and wipes along with you!
9.    Bring any special blankets or other memorabilia with you!  We will try to incorporate it into your session.  Let me know ahead of time if you have a specific photo you are hoping to capture so we can make that a priority.
10.     As you know, babies can have a mind of their own!  We will respond to your baby’s needs and will do our best to get a variety of photos of your baby.  We will create an environment that is comfortable for your baby!  Don’t get discouraged if your baby gets unsettled and needs to be cuddled or fed, I allow plenty of time to make sure your baby is our priority.  I never guarantee a certain photograph as we have to take cues from your baby and sometimes your baby will resist a certain pose.  We will work together to create a gallery of photographs that will warm your heart!