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“For Sale”

I am so lucky to have become friends with several talented photographers from all over the world!  We decided to challenge ourselves and each select a poem from the Shel Silverstein’s book “Where the Sidewalk Ends”.  I immediately knew which poem I wanted to use:  For Sale!  My kids LOVE reading the poems from this book…but were especially tickled with the poem For Sale.  My daughter laughed and laughed about it.  My husband changed the words to “Brother For Sale”…and my son’s laughing came to a halt.  He was very upset and didn’t like it AT ALL!  So, we changed it back to “Sister” and it was all smiles again!  Gotta love kids!

Here are the photos that we took…the kids tried their hardest to execute my vision…not sure we totally hit the mark but we had fun doing it!

DSC_5980-copy DSC_5948-copy DSC_5955-copy DSC_5959-copy Continue reading